SEO Sunday: Sep 11 2011

This is the first of a series of weekly posts I plan to do as a kind of ‘best of the week’ run down of what I found interesting on the web. If you too find it interesting and valuable, I’d love to know in the comments!

  • Sneaky Keyword Research
    A great little 5-slide deck from @rishil on some outside-the-box techniques for gaining some valuable keyword research/traffic data.
  • The Reason GA Launched Multi-Channel Funnels
    Ever had a client ask the question of why their Adwords data doesn’t match what GA tells them? just point them at this fantastic post.
  • Hire a botnet! (or just loads of cheap proxies)
    I first saw this via a tweet from @richardbaxter of SEOgadget. It looks pretty dodgy if this is anything to go by, but I can think of TONNES of uses for a service like this where you need access to a large pool of IPs for one-off tasks (did someone say search volume manipulation? [yeah, it happens]).
  • Narrative Science creates machine-written copy that looks human
    A good piece from the NYTimes covering a startup that’s using AI to create unique copy with machine-chosen ‘angles’ that is virtually indistinguishable from human copy. Certainly of interest to anyone in the SEO space.
  • Winning at SEO with duplicate content
    I wasn’t at BrightonSEO but by all accounts this preso went down well. It covers an interesting topic and one that definitely warrants a bit of attention and research time in the near future.
  • How I wrote 500,000 unique GoogleBase Descriptions in 2 hours
    Another post tackling dupe content, but from a completely different angle. Anyone who works on enterprise sites will have hit this problem on multiple occasions and not just for GoogleBase purposes – mostly for repetitive manufacturer blurb on retail products. I took a similar route recently on a client site, albeit with a slightly different process and implementation.