SEO Sunday: Sep 25 2011

This post is from a series of weekly posts highlighting a handful of interesting links I bookmarked in the past 7 days. For the full archives (only two weeks so far) visit the SEO Sunday category page.

  • Engeeno
    What happens when two ex-Google spam-team engineers (@pedrodias and @ArielL) leave and create their own startup? We don’t know yet, but I’m on the list and you should probably be too.
  • 62 steps to the definitive link building campaign
    Great post on wordtracker from Mark Nunney covering everything you need to know for link building. Well, maybe not everything, but it’s a big chunk of knowledge anyhow.
  • Google News Ranking Factors 2011
    I’m too lazy to find out who’s directly behind this site – but if you have a strategy that involves targeting screen space in Google News (which you should) then this is probably one for the bookmarks.
  • Step by Step Guide to Spying on the Competition with KeywordSpy
    So this one isn’t strictly SEO – but if data on a competitor sites PPC strategy isn’t something you’d sit up and take notice of then you aren’t doing your job justice. We’ve all heard of KeywordSpy but SEER has gone the extra mile and even provided a downloadable Excel file to make sense of all the raw data.
  • Basic SEO for Facebook Pages
    I haven’t delved too much into social media profile optimisation as my focus is heavily on enterprise SEO and technical issues but this is a great starting point for anyone looking at giving it a go.
  • How to Game Klout
    Who knew Klout was so easily gamed? and more importantly, who knew that with a high Klout score you could get all sorts of perks in Vegas? time to knuckle down and then book some flights methinks….
  • Google -50 Penalty Research
    Some good discussion on WebmasterWorld of a -50 penalty dissection. Certainly worth a read if you ever have potential leads contacting you over similar issues.